Learn to Play the Music You Love!

            Group Workshops at Olsson Music Studio

            Many students wish to take their playing and performing beyond individual lessons.  For many musicians, playing music is a social or group activity.  They wish to musically express themselves with other musicians using other instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals, for example.  

            During group sessions, students learn to play their part of the music in a group setting.  They develop skills in listening to others in the group, and adding their part while staying together with the group as a whole.  Some provide the rhythm and chords, some improvise, some sing, and students enjoy putting the parts together with each other to make music that includes and showcases all the parts.

            We offer group workshops during the summer season, June and July, and also occasionally during other seasons, where students of similar musical preferences and ability get together for 8-10 weekly rehearsals, and perform at a concert at the end of the period.  Students must be enrolled in private lessons during the workshop time, where they learn how to play their part in the music. 

           The next workshop session goes between early June and late July 2011. Students may sign up today.  Contact us for more information.


Music lessons, including guitar, bass, mandolin, drums, percussion, piano, and voice!