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Musical Groups

Olsson Trio

The Olsson Trio presents Harry Sr. on guitar, Harry Jr. on bass, and John on drums, performing primarily instrumental music including jazz, pop, rock, swing, blues, R&B, and other styles.  Great for entertainment where the music might be the focus of attention or perhaps just background music for special events or occasions.


Sons of the Burbs

Sons of the Burbs is primarily a vocal trio featuring 3 part male harmony, backed by guitar, mandolin, and bass.  Music includes the old and the new, especially folk, soft rock, bluegrass, swing, a cappella, western, gospel, and pop.  The SOB’s arrange almost anything they like to sing with their signature 3 part vocal blend style, and present it so you’ll want to hear more. 



Confluence is a 14-18 voice a cappella choir run by artistic director and conductor, Allison Olsson.  This choir performs music written by primarily American composers.  Some of these are living and producing excellent and wonderful music.  As the name implies, the singers come from very diverse backgrounds, but when they come together in this group, they do a fine job performing many styles exceedingly well.


Music lessons, including guitar, bass, mandolin, drums, percussion, piano, and voice!