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Instructor Bios


Harry Olsson Sr. has played and performed music since childhood.   His experience and expertise on the guitar, mandolin, and bass, give him a wealth of material to teach his music students.  In addition to teaching music, Harry also teaches photography at Red Rocks Community College and CCU, both in Lakewood, Co.  Harry plays in musical groups, including the ‘Sons of the Burbs’ vocal trio, and with sons Harry Jr. and John as the Olsson Trio.  He and wife, Allison, sing and play together, in small groups, and in the a cappella choir, Confluence.  Harry started teaching music lessons first in college, for credit, and now for the past 9 years in the Olsson Studio.  He holds M.S., B.S., and Master of Photography degrees.



Music lessons, including guitar, bass, mandolin, drums, percussion, piano, and voice!